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Talking With My Toddler #20: Look into my eyes.

Funny conversation with my toddler.


If you’re a regular here, than you know I have recently blogged about the constant battle we are currently in with my daughter and her new found defiance. She’s just at that stage. The terrible 2s just seem to be spilling over a bit into the 3s…

One of her acts of rebellion is that she tries specifically not to look at us when she is being spoken to. I constantly have to say, “honey, please look at me,” in order to really get her attention when we’re having a discussion.

Recently, she fed it back to me in a way that had be struggling to keep my composure in check. This kid is funny, and in times of scolding, she knows how to work it.

She had put up a good solid fight leaving daycare, wouldn’t put on her shoes, wouldn’t collect her toys and just generally wouldn’t listen. When I finally got her outside, she bolted down the sidewalk. When I caught her, she was giggling, obviously pleased with herself.

At least one of us was.

Mama: “Lilly, you have to listen better to me. I don’t like having to get upset, or repeat myself or chase you. Ok?

Lilly: (dazing off, away from me, completely ignoring me)

Mama: “Lilly, please look at me when I’m talking. Honey?

Lilly: “What?” (looking in my general direction, but staring at the floor)

Mama: “No, please look me in the eyes. I would like to talk to you for a minute.

Lilly: (looking up and smirking) “Look into my eyes…. look into my eyes….” (in her best Madame Mystery voice, waving her hands in front of her)

Mama: (trying and failing not to laugh at her) “You’re a funny kid you know that? Just please try to listen better to Mama, ok?

Lilly: (still giggling and waving her hands) “Ok.

And just like that our discussion was over. I have no idea where she even got that bit, but it was well played.

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Talking With My Toddler #19: Who’s the prettiest girl in the world?

Still one of my favourite photos. My perfect, beautiful little girl.

This week has been a hot one. Even with little bits of rain here and there, there really hasn’t been a break. We don’t have air in the house and as a result, our whole family wakes up every morning looking like one giant sweaty mess.

Early this morning, I looked over at Lilly sitting on the couch, trying to wake up. I just couldn’t get over just how adorable she was. She had slept in just an undershirt and pullup and woke up with the world’s messiest toddler hair but she was still the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

So I told her so.

Mama: “Did you know you’re the prettiest girl in the world?

Lilly: “No I isn’t.

Mama: “Well, I think you are.

Daddy: “Who do you think is the prettiest girl in the world honey?

Lilly: (pointing at me) “Mommy!

Daddy: “Yeah! Good answer!

Mama: (lifting her into a big hug) “Aww thank you sweetheart. For the record I think you’re prettier than Mama.

Daddy: “Hey, who’s the prettiest boy in the world?

Lilly: (pointing at daddy) “Daddy!

Atta girl! She sure knows how to pick a handsome one ;)

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Talking With My Toddler #18: She knows her father well.

Home brewing kit for Father's Day.
Giving Daddy his new home beer brewing kit.

Lilly is getting to an age where I can legitimately start involving her in some decision making processes. This is great. I love hearing her opinions on things. Granted, largely because they are often hilarious.

Case in point.

Mommy: “So honey, Father’s Day is coming up. That’s a special day for daddys. I think we should get Daddy a present.

Lilly: “A present!?! Yeah! I get a present too?

Mommy: “Well no, you and I just get a present for Daddy.

Lilly: (now visibly less excited about said event) “Oh. Ok.

Mommy: “What do you think that we should get Daddy?

Lilly: “I dunno.

Mommy: “Do you think he would like some new clothes?” (I say smiling, trying to be funny. Although we did get him a new suit a couple years ago)

Lilly: (giggling – she knows Daddy hates clothes shopping) “No!” (then, getting excited again) “I know! Um, how about we get Daddy beer!

She knows her father so well.

And just like that, on the full advice of my 2 year old, we bought Daddy a home brewing kit.

To be honest, I had thought of this before. What with the new house coming with a keg fridge and all. But it was truly the perfect mix of funny and endearing to hear Lilly suggest it as the perfect present.

And as if that wasn’t funny enough, we decided to fill out a little questionnaire as part of Father’s Day as well. Daddy is 3. His favourite food is lunch. Obviously.

Father's Day Printables

FYI – I take no credit for the two adorable Father’s Day printables above. The card came from the  Dreamsicle Sisters and the questionnaire from Kinzie’s Kreations. Thank you Pinterest ;)

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Talking With My Toddler #17: My own words haunt me. Again.

Cuddles. Taken moments before my stern talking to…

As every young mom or dad knows, parenting a toddler can be a challenging task. When you need to make a point or correct a behaviour, you need to first simply get them to stop moving long enough to look at you and actually, maybe, absorb what you’re saying.

Lilly has recently picked up on this technique has been applying it to convey her own form of parenting. You know, when she feels the need to parent me…

Lilly: “Mama, I want you to sing other Rapunzel song again. Please.

Note – for fellow Disney obsessed Mamas like me, she is referring to the ‘Healing Incantation’ or ‘Geam & Go’ as she calls it.

Mama: “Honey, I already sang you three songs and I let you stay up a bit late. It’s past bedtime and time to go to sleep.

Lilly: “I want other Rapunzel song again!” (much whinier tone than the first time around)

Mama: “Goodnight Lilly.” (my way of pointing out that I don’t listen to whining or answer to demands)

As I start to turn away, she quickly grabs my hands and changes her approach.

Lilly: “Mama, look at me. Look at me, Mama.” (pause for deep breath/dramatic effect) “I am mad. I upset with you because I want other Rapunzel song and you said no. So that make me mad.

I bite back my chuckle as I hear some of my own words spit back at me. Again

Mama: “Ah, I see. Well, I am a little upset that you don’t seem to understand that it’s bedtime.

Lilly: “Well, you made me upset first.


Mama: “Ok, well I guess we can both agree to be a little bit upset and go to sleep.” (bending down to give her another goodnight kiss)

She rolls over to face away from me and heaves a big sigh to solidify her point. I walk towards the door and pause before I leave.

Mama: “Hey Lilly, I love you.

Lilly: “I love you too Mama.

Mama: “You have a good sleep and I’ll see you in the morning.

Lilly: “I will. Goodnight Mama.

And just like that our little discussion about being upset is forgotten. 

Ideally speaking, bedtime arguments and discussions with adults could be resolved this easily too…

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Talking With My Toddler #16: Buying her own house

Daddy's Girl wants to buy her own house. Cute.
The shirt reads “Daddy’s Sweetheart”. So. Very. True.

Like so many toddlers before her, Lilly is completely fascinated with money. She doesn’t care so much for the paper money. The coins are where it’s at.

She’s already begun the regular scavenging, heading first for Daddy’s lunch pail when he gets home and then heading for his night stand next. He’s the sucker who leaves his money laying around and she knows it.

Lately I have been reminding her that she needs to ask Daddy before taking mitts full of his loose change. Once he says yes (as he always does – she is a daddy’s girl…) we take it to her room and add it to her savings. We’ve been using a little porcelain mug, so she can see her loot thus far.

Last weekend, after seeing just how full the mug had gotten, she ran out to tell Daddy she has lots of money.

Lilly: “I have lots of monies Daddy.

Daddy: “Do you? Wow. What are you going to buy with your money?

Lilly: (pondering for a moment) “I gonna buy my own house!

The hubs shoots me a look and we smirk at each other. Not even 3 years old and wants to leave the nest. Not so sure I’m ready for this yet…

Daddy: “Your own house?! So you’re moving out?

Lilly: “Yup. I get my own house with my toys.”

Mommy: “That’s such a big girl move honey. Who is going to make you breakfast at your new house?

Lilly: “Daddy will make my beakfast!” (She says this so certainly & shoots me a look like I’ve lost my mind)

Daddy: “Oh but honey, I won’t be there.

Lilly: (utterly shocked) “You won’t be at my house, Daddy?

Daddy: “How about I make you breakfast now in this house & we can talk about your own house in a few years?

Lilly: “Okay!” (as she goes running for the kitchen)

Part of me thought this conversation was adorable and hilarious. Part of me worries about a 20 year old Lilly who still thinks Daddy will make breakfast and Mommy will wash clothes…

Ideally speaking, she will buy her own house close enough that we can. Sometimes. Only sometimes ;)

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Taking With My Toddler #15: Teenage Toddler Speak

teenage toddler, funny toddler, parenting, family, canadian mom blogger,
Well, she does rock a fedora as good as any teenage girl.

Our daycare provider has been on a mission to spruce up the backyard before summer. Yesterday they found a great deal online for the ultimate playset for the kids to enjoy. It was sitting in the back of their truck in the driveway when Lilly & I left last night and caught her eye.

Lilly: “Mama, what’s that?”

Mommy: “That’s a playset honey, for you guys to play with in the backyard.”

Lilly: “A payset?? With swings?”

Mommy: “Yep. And a slide. You guys are going to have a lot of fun in the backyard this summer.”

Lily: “Oh, sweet!”

Beg pardon?! 

Did I just hear that right? Did my 2 year old just used the word sweet in the same context as a 15 year old?

I could help but laugh as I asked for confirmation.

Mommy: “Did you just say “Oh, sweet?””

Lilly: “Uh huh. We get new payset. For the backyard. That sweet!”

Alright. So she really does understand how to use the word sweet for more than just desert.

This is not the first time that I’ve heard for use what I’m now calling teenage-toddler speak. It’s amazing how so much personality can fit into one tiny little human.

Ideally speaking, she will never lose this ability to surprise me with such funny little moments.

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Talking With My Toddler #14: I only have myself to blame.

toddler talking back, parening a toddler, funny toddler quote, Canadian mom blogger
When toddler talk back, they use your own words to do it.

Just two weeks ago, I wrote about how our toddler daughter has been picking up our bad behaviour. At 2 and a half years old, she is at the prime age to start being a little sponge.

I have a very helpful toddler. She’s in that wonderful stage where little ones aim for approval and want to assist you with everything. Normally, when I ask her each night to put away her boots and hand me her coat, this is what I see.

helpful toddler, toddler helping out around house, parenting a toddler, Canadian mom blogger
So helpful & cute. Going to hold onto this image as long as I can.

Well apparently last night my beautiful helpful toddler temporarily morphed into a 15 year old who talks back.

Mommy: “Ok Lilly, please put your boots and coat away.

Lilly: (big sigh) “Oh mom! My boots too heavy for me.

Mommy: “Nice try. You manage to put them away every other night.

Grudgingly, she picks up her boots & carries them to the closet as if they weigh 10 lbs each. Then promptly tries to make a break for it.

Mommy: “Hand me your coat please, honey. Then you can go off and play.

Lilly: (much bigger sigh) “Ugh, come on Mom. You driving me crazy!

Excuse me?!

I swear I have no idea where she heard that phrase. No. Idea.

I laughed. I know that’s likely not the best response when parenting a toddler who is testing limits, but I just couldn’t help it.

She grabs her coat and I reach for a hanger.

Lilly: “Here….here…here Mama!

Clearly I’m not moving fast enough for my impatient toddler-teenager.

toddler, parenting a toddler, toddler talking back, Canadian mom blogger
This is her “You driving me crazy Mom” face.

Ideally speaking, this was just a rare one off and I won’t see this much attitude again until she’s in high school…right??

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Talking With My Toddler #13: The difference between boys and girls.

I always knew this day was coming, but I didn’t quite think it would be here so soon. Are toddler daughter has now realized that there is a key physical difference between boys and girls.

This past weekend, after waking up from her nap, she asked me where daddy was. Without thinking much of it I told her that daddy was in the bathtub. Before I could stop her she was down the hall and bursting into the bathroom door.

Lilly: “Hi daddy!

Daddy: “Hi honey. Daddy’s taking a bath right now. Can I have a little privacy?

Lilly: “Oh. Yep.” (Though she makes no motion to actually leave.)

Mommy: “Ok honey. Daddy says he would like some privacy. Let’s leave him alone for a little bit.

Lilly: (looking daddy up-and-down) “He’s taking a bath.

I thought we’d established this already. She pauses for a moment and looks curiously a specific part of Daddy.

Lilly: (pointing) “What’s that?

My husband shoots me a quick grin and we both silently acknowledge that we’re entering new territory as parents.

Daddy: “That’s my penis.

Lilly: “You have a penis daddy??

She says this as if a.) she knows what a penis at all and b.) she surprised that he has one. *Insert all the lame jokes from his guy friends here.*

Mommy: “Well honey you know how you and Mommy are girls and Daddy is a boy. Girls have vaginas and boys have penises.

She takes a moment to process this info. She has understood for a while now that we are girls and Daddy is a boy. She can distinguish between girls and boys quite well, but this was a new piece of evidence!

Lilly: “I have gina.” (pointing at me) “You have gina.” (pointing at Daddy) “You no have gina!

She says this as if he is severely missing out and that we are superior due to our vaginas.


I finally convince her that we should let Daddy finish his bath in peace. It may or may not have taken the bribery of snacks and a movie to get her out of there…

I’m relieved this first little leg of the boys and girls chat is completed. Surprisingly, it was less awkward than I expected it to be.  

Ideally speaking, all of these types of talks will be this relaxed…but I’m not holding my breath. 

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Talking With My Toddler #12: Flower Girl is Messy Business

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I recently broke the news to Lilly that she will be a flower girl in my brothers wedding this summer. I had been waiting to tell her until I thought she would understand what it meant a bit more.

I explained it to her one morning while we sat at the breakfast table. I said that Uncle Bob and Aunt Karen are having a wedding, and that she would be a special part of it. I described what she would wear and what exactly a flower girl does.

She had the typical toddler responses of “why” and “how come”, but she generally seemed to get it.

30 minutes later however, while riding in the car to daycare, she had settled on her opinion of the matter.

Lilly: “Mommy, I no be fower girl.

Me: “You don’t want to be a flower girl? How come honey?

Lilly: “No, it’s bad.

Me: (a little perplexed) “What do you mean it’s bad?

Lilly: “I no put fowers on the floor. That making a mess. That’s bad!

This is one of those so frequent times that I try desperately not to laugh at her. She has sound reasoning and she is quite serious. Yet without realizing it, she is funny as hell.

Me: “It’s not bad sweetheart. You’re allowed to put the flowers on the floor for the wedding.

Lilly: “No. It’s bad Mommy. I no make mess.

Me: “Ok honey. We’ll talk about it again another time. You might feel differently.

She shoots me a look in the rear view mirror, furrowing her brows & frowns.

Clearly I don’t know how wrong I am.

A few things I can take away from this segment of Talking With My Toddler:

  1. I should maybe lay off the “Please don’t make a mess!” when she is tearing apart her playroom.
  2. Or, should I just be happy that my child doesn’t like making messes.
  3. If she is so concerned about making messes, then why does my house always look like it’s been robbed by mid-day Saturday??

Flash forward a few weeks and we received a certain package in the mail. Both my Maid of Honour dress and her Flower Girl dress arrived. They are stunning!

Like any other true girly girl at heart, one step into a big puffy dress and she was sold.

Capitalizing on her excitment, I decided to show her a few YouTube videos to show her a flower girl in action.

An hour later I was just about done with shaky shot family videos and she was demanding “again, again!”

Shoot me. 

But at least now she seems to be on board.

She will be just under a week away from her 3rd birthday when the wedding takes place, so ideally it will sink in a little more as the day approaches.

Talking With My Toddler #11: Oh the toddler feelings!


Like any other 2 1/2-year-olds, Lilly can throw temper tantrums with the best of them. Lately, however, it seems that our toddler has tapped into her inner Dr. Phil.

This morning while I stood at the stove whipping up scrambled eggs and cheese, Lilly, sitting at the kitchen table, decided that she needed to share her feelings with me.

Lilly: “Mommy I would like to watch Lion King.”

Mommy: “I’m really sorry honey, but we have to go soon so we can watch any TV this morning.”

I have tried the whole morning cartoon thing…let’s just say it didn’t work out well for anyone. No one was happy by the time we finally got in the car.

Lilly: “But mommy, I really want to watch Lion King.”

Mommy: “No sweetie.”

Lilly: “Pleeeease??”

Mommy: “I really appreciate your manners Lily, but the answer is still no sweetie. I’m sorry.”

Looking defeated, she put her head down on the table and looked longingly at the window with a heavy sigh. A few moments later I placed her bowl of eggs in front of her and told her it was time to eat. She didn’t move, just let out another heavy sign. Drama queen.

And just like that I see so much of myself in a kid who looks just like her father.

Lilly: “Mommy, you made me feel sad.”

Clearly my toddler has been watching daytime talk shows.

Mommy: “I’m very sorry that you feel sad Lilly, what did I do?”

Lilly: “Um, I wanted to watch Lion King and you said no and that made me sad mommy.”

Mommy: “Oh I see. Well I understand why you feel sad sweetie, but sometimes mommy has to say no. Okay?”

Lilly: (thinking about that for a moment) “Okay.”

Within minutes she was over it, happily polishing off the last of the scrambled eggs, and then mooching some of mine.  

Ideally speaking, it would be great if all humans could emotionally rebound as quickly as a toddler!

toddler, talking with my toddler, family breakfast conversation, family, parenting, canadian mom blog,

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